Analysis of Indian Railways Timetable

Hadoop MapReduce analysis on the timtable of Indian Railways along with visualisations.


Source: Indian Railways Time Table for trains available for reservation as on 01.11.2017

Column Explanation
Train No Train Number
Train Name Name of the Train
SEQ nth stop along the route
Station Code Code of the Station
Station Name Name of the Station
Arrival Time Arrival Time (HH:MM:SS)
Departure Time Departure Time (HH:MM:SS)
Distance Distance (kilometers)
Source Station Code Source Station code
Source Station Name Source Station Name
Destination Station Code Destination Station Code
Destination Station Name Destination station name


Total Distance Travelled From Each Station

Total Trains Originating From Each Station

Number Of Trains Stopping At Each Station

Distribution Of Travel Distances


Number of trains from MAO (Madgaon Junction)